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What makes our lip balms so good.. Its simple and complicated.   Simply we use the very best all natural ingredients, NO paraffins, No petrochemicals (vaseline), No unnatural preservatives. If you were desperate you could eat them. So no worries if your pet or child should get hold of them. 

What a gets a bit more involved and took a lot of beechanical engineering (sorry), are the ratios we use, the synergy of the ingredients used and the way we carefully and methodically take the beeswax very slowly to its melting point and not beyond.  Our ingredients are not guesswork and although there is a millennia of anecdotal evidence, thank you Cleopatra, we are very much led by the current science and for the nerds and homebrewers you can find what you want here --

 We also utilise and embrace the Emoto princi…See more

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